Time Flies!!!

Jan. 2020


Marriage, Puggles, Multiple TV Shows, A Pilot, Two Short Films, Commercials, Plays, and Musicals. It has been a REALLY busy and fun few years! Unfortunately, I did not do a very good job keeping this site up-to-date. I have added some of what I was up to in the other sections, and will endeavor to keep everything more current moving forward! Check back!!!

The Blacklist

Fall 2017

Jarid is Michael Hayes; a young dad just having a nice day with his family. . .until . . .

The Bodyguard

Although Jarid has come home, the tour is still going! Check here to find out where they are and are going!

Jarid is FBI Agent Ray Court; Frank Farmer's right hand man in making sure no one gets hurt (with mixed results).

Broadway at the W

May 11th, 2017

Jarid is singing a little heartfelt country at the famed "Broadway at the W" Cabaret in Los Angeles.

Escape to Margaritaville

Summer 2016

Jarid is Chadd...A really supportive boyfriend that everyone roots for (or maybe not).


Airing on WGN America

Jarid helps lead a rescue mission in the Season 1 finale.

Discover It! Miles Card

Currently Running Nationwide

Jarid is a cartoon! See the spot here.

Out of this World

Fall 2015

Jarid is sometimes a God (Jupiter, to be exact), sometimes a neglecting husband, and always having fun in this Musical Tonight! production at the Lion Theatre

Pope! An Epic Musical

July 2015

Jarid got to play God. Can't really say much more after that, can you?

Breaking Through

May 2015 

Jarid had a blast at the latest table reading of the now Pasedena Playhouse-bound Breaking Through! This time as Alex, a (southern) gentleman, and love-triangle vertex, who courts and counsels the heroine of the story as she tries to pursue her dream. Let's hope things work out for those crazy kids! Read about it on Playbill.

Connecticut Bride

January Edition

Faubel...Jarid Faubel. See Jarid be a spy/groom in January's issue of Connecticut Bride!

Vanya and Sonia and Masah and Spike

Jan/Feb 2015

Finally Updated! Next up after A Christmas Carol, is this little skit ;) Check back for details!!!


March 3rd, 2014

12:35am on ABC (so I guess March 4th to be technical about it), come see Jarid show why nice guys shouldn't finish last (by being the opposite of one).

The Bodyguard

August 22nd - September 15th, 2013

Come to the Flat Rock Playhouse in Flat Rock, NC and see Jarid. . .do some shady stuff.


July 1st - July 20th, 2013

Come to the renowned Berkshire Theatre Group in Stockbridge, MA and see Jarid sing about beautiful mornings as Curly in Oklahoma!.


March 21st - April 7th, 2013

Come to the Passage Theatre in Trenton, NJ and see Jarid travel the world for love, but also to answer the question, "Has he been Catfished?"

Beyond the Music

January, 2013

The journey continues! This time a full lab with presentations at MMACl! Jarid continues playing a sexy bartender with his mysterious drink. However, now there is some dancing, too ;).

Jack Reacher

Fall, 2012

Jarid is a not-so-great boyfriend with whom Tom Cruise takes umbrage. See the consequences of his bad behavior at your local theater! 

Beyond the Music

Invite-only reading of an exciting new musical! Jarid plays a sexy bartender. . . with a mystery drink. . .

X-Men: First Class

Summer, 2011

Watch Jarid be human amongst the mutants!


Come see Jarid take large steps in ". . .Forum"  at the Riverside Theatre  in gorgeous Vero Beach, Florida!